Lately I have been getting a number of e-mails titled “Important message about your OneDrive” from Microsoft support. At first I paid no interest to it, until I got another one this weekend.

I just started to wonder. “What is OneDrive” really, and why do they need to tell me that “groups” are no longer supported? Well fine by me, I don’t care if OneDrive supports groups or not, as I don’t use OneDrive. So then, why did I receive that e-mail? As a matter of fact the e-mail stated that “We’re emailing you because you’re a member of one or more groups in OneDrive.” So I thought, let’s see what’s there. As I’ve never uploaded anything to OneDrive in my life, so I was kinda curious.

There was nothing. No documents, no pictures, and no groups.

So dear Microsoft, could you please manage to figure that out if I’m using the service before you send out the next round of notifications about a service you shut down. I honestly don’t care, I don’t have any groups, and if I’m a member of one, I should be able to see that in OneDrive myself. I use Google Drive / Docs, and probably will not change anytime soon (maybe unless the newly named “Alphabet Inc” goes Evil). This just re-enforces my impression that Microsoft has not gotten it’s online docs right yet. Keep it up Microsoft, as Goo… Alphabet needs some serious competition to keep it’s act together. Currently you’re not it.