Well. The iPhone wont last forever. Last week I has some weird problem with my iPhone, and started to wonder if it was due time for a service. After 2 months of use... That's bad. The problem I had in the beginning was a somewhat unresponsive touch display. I had to press and drag multiple times before it reacted, and it had unexpected restarts.

I didn't really think much of it until on my way home, I decided to change play list, and took my iPhone out of my pocket. And it immediately crashed. At the same time it felt blazing hot, so I thought maybe the hot weather accompanied by transportation in my jeans pocket in a hard plastic casing became too much insulation. E.g. overheating. So I set it for cooling, and started it up again later that evening. And so it worked after all fine the next day or so.

But the next day, I experienced series of unexpected crashed, often when I was "lighting" the display to see what the current song's record was (need to learn which version of each song belongs to which record you know...). And the same moment I pressed the "home" button, it crashed. And this happened twice, plus one or two unprovoked crashes. Later on the day, I met with some friends, and used the Clock program as a pizza timer. But after 2 minutes, it crashed. This time it really started to act weird...

The screen started to blink, and was blinking black and white at about 60 bpm. And it didn't respond to any controls. Not even the "sleep" button. After a while I would kill it, and it returned to showing the apple logo. First the ordinary splash screen. Then it was tinted red, then it crashed again. Oh god, here we go. And I pressed everything on the phone until it switched off. And then the pizza got a little burned. OK I thought... It was playing the hard card now. It needs service.

But hey, the Norwegian iPhones are not sold though the Apple stores, but through the iPhone partner stores: Who sells it with subscription bundled. You actually need to sign the subscription to get the phone. But I had bought it in an Apple Store. And the closest "Apple Store" with iPhone to Trondheim which I could use? New York, in terms of travel time. So, OK. I need to figure how to maintain this thing myself, and searched for a lot of materials on crashing iPhones.

OK, Apple don't seem to acknowledge that the iPhone can crash, but there were a few videos on Youtube, including this one, which shows almost all the problems I had. On one of the videos I found, it looked like the person holding the phone squeezed in a way. So I tried that. And then I tried to "twist" it a little. Instant crash. Then twisting it back: meaning while holding the iPhone with the "home" button to the left, I twisted the "left back" and the "right front" down while the two other corners up. Which fixed it instantly. The opposite twist seemed to instantly crashing it causing the "blinking screen" problem to appear. So I twisted it the "right" way a little, and squeezed it together, and since then I have had no problem at all... My guess is it has some loose contacts with the touch screen, and bad software for handling the faulty connection. It also seemed to colorize the screen in a red tinting (meaning it was unable to turn "off" the red pixels), a the same time it lost contact with the touch screen. But I have no real way of thecking this without ruining warranties etc. I have a 16G iPhone with 1.1.4 software.