As a second look at Mac OS X, I'll look at the Address book, and Calendar applications.

The address book and the Calendar are small and handy applications. Their meant to be synced against the .Mac service, which is an online services center provided by Apple. It has mail, address synchronization, calendar, and is connected to the iTunes music store. But hey, here starts the problems. The calendar and address book seems to almost only meant to be synchronized toward the .Mac... But it has LDAP support, and import and export functionality, but no built-in support (or seems like possibility) to sync to other such services. (Although iCal subscription support in Calendar).

[feature/bug type, importance/impact, cost]

Address Book

Just to look at the needed changes in Address book:

  • [usability, low, low] To be able to see group belonging when watching a contact entry. Like when looking at "Ola Normann", I would like to see a "Groups: Work" etc., or if contact is not in any group, no such marking. Implementation: Add a reverse group mapping on from each contact object to the groups objects [e.g. hash_set in_groups]. The mapping can be done on the fly when the contacts are loaded, and make no change to the storage or any other part of the interface.
  • [usability, high, low] Smart groups is missing a vital option; to be able to use group belonging as criteria for making a smart group. I could make "union groups" or "negative groups", like; "All contacts in friends, fencing and biking", or (the reason I discovered the need); "All contacts not in any group", or "Contacts in friends, but not in fencing". This can be implemented by adding a filter on the reverse group mapping as mentioned above. And adding a wildcard or option for "Any Group".

This is quite few issues for such a program, but hey, their important to me.


The calendar is quite good, but hey, there's still issues... But well. To be honest, I don't use the calendar app on the Mac except for subscribing to my Google Calendar, so it will be synchronized to my iPhone. But I would really like a plug-in to synchronize (two-way) between my Google Calendar and iCal. How to do this, and how much work it would make is uncertain, but I'd like it still. Maybe I even could start to use it at all...


The iPhone isn't realy any of these applications, but it interacts a lot with them. And there are still issues with this. These are mostly issues with the iPhone variants of the same apps, and not with the interaction itself, which works just fine for me.

  • [usability, high, low] Contacts creation has a problem with when to save it to the address book. When I make a contact, then add a name and company, and press "save" (and goes back to view the contact), I expect the contact to be saved too, as when I edit a contact. I too often makes this mistake, and looses contact information because I don't press "save" in the "view contact" window, but use the "home" button. Implementation: Add a check if contact has been created on saving single contact item. It will require a little more disk use / power, but should be trivial. And contact updating is not that frequent...