I have had some time with mac now. And just once again, I get a lot of small irritating problems. In general I'm satisfied with it, but good gracious. Apple need to get their act together if this is going to be my platform in the future too. Why? Because despite the shiny interface. It has some trmendously irritating "features" I dislike more than I can "like" the interface.

Problem #1: Keeping things updated. I'm not talking about "up to date software". But just keeping programs aware of changes in files or folders in the background and act uppon that. It's quite irritating to have to manage my music through iTunes, just because iTunes can't handle changes in files and folders. If I clean up available music I have to do that through iTunes, or it fails to see that anything have happened with the music files. Same problem is with the Finder (file manager of Mac), which caches each folder's content, and don't even have a refresh function to update what's there.
The solution to this is not big at all. All other OS'es I have used can see that. A folder is changed, so update it's content! And add a "refresh" function to folders in Finder.

Problem #2: Support of music and video formats is horrendous on mac. Really of no other reason that many mpeg and avi variants can't be read by Quicktime or iTunes. Same with OGG Vorbis. Even if Apple have their own music file format doesn't mean it's better than any other format. I like OGG, and I have loads of AVI and MPEG videos that my apple programs can't handle.

Problem #3: iTunes... I should'nt need to say more. It's quite a nice program, but with some flaws that I don't handle wery well. I tunes should have more functions for changing file information and grouping. Better discovery of duplicate files, file updates etc. Well, I'll just make you a list.

  1. When "adding files" to iTunes, all video files are assumed to be movies, but in my case their mostly music videos. And there's no shortcut for changing a range of movies to music videos. Make one!
  2. I have quite a lot of both music and music videos. I'd like those to be separated. Also in separate folders when automatically arranging folders. And for gods sake, support the video formats!
  3. OGG Vorbis isn't supported. That's a flaw in itself.
  4. When updating meta information on songs. Please update the files too. It's irritating when I make such updates on names etc, then copy to my portable HD, import on a different computer, on which I have to do the same meta updates.

Problem #4: iPhoto. Since iPhoto is the default photo managing program in Mac, it will get the same scrutiny as I would give any other OS. And the problem of Mac, is that the "Prewiev" program simply sucks. I cant just open a folder in preview, and browse the pictures as a slide show. I must have iPhoto. And iPhoto is terrible at managing images when you pass over a few houndred of them. And my collection of 6500 pictures (self taken), is small compared to others.

All in all, what I'm disappointed in is the need for buying more software to be able to do ordinary tasks, tasks that I expected Apple to know about and solve, and include in the operating system. And some of the software lacks functionality I recon as essential to it's use. And many Open Source programs solve exactly those problems. Except they dont work as well on mac. Maybe Linux still is my OS after all.

Maybe it wasn't as fair then, but my view anyway.